CELEBRATE your special days at Carmel Jyothi

Birthdays, Anniversaries are special days of joy in the family and among friends and dear ones. These occasions can become more special when we share such events with children who cannot afford to have such celebrations. Thanks to some of our benefactors like Tahsildar, Raghavendra Rao; E.O, Somashekar and other these children can join in their joy. If you also wish to celebrate your joyous events with us or would wish to sponsor food, snacks and eatables to our children, Please contact Fr. Denzil Veigas (+918747856586). Last month, Mr Raghavendra Rao, Tahsildar celebrated his daughter’s birthday and gave all children, a set of blanket and bedding.¬†Today E.O, Somashekar celebrated his birthday with us and provided cake, snacks and set of uniforms to our children.

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