Many in the world today are engaged with his/her own well being and welfare. They spend their lives lavishly in pursuit of their personal needs and ambitions, and later even realize that this lavish spending was vain and futile. .They do not consider their neighbours, especially when it concerns the poor and the under privileged.  The thought of helping the poor never comes to their mind, since they have not made themselves a being who is caring and sharing. Though we have completed many years of independence from foreign rule, yet poverty, unemployment and illiteracy has kept our nation captive. Responding to these realities, Carmel Jyothi Public Charitable Trust was established to reach out to the people in need.



— We Educate

– We run a Bridge School for School Dropouts and Children rescued from Child Labour at Huvinahadagali.
– We also have a Free boarding facility for high school boys from poor families at Huvinahadagali.
– We aid in providing Education by instituting scholarships and Free Book distribution for boys and girls of all ages.
– We facilitate Tuition classes for weaker children.
– We conduct training and seminars to teachers.


— We Empower

– We provide Tailoring training, which includes both Hand and machine embroidery training and other courses to unemployed women.
– We run a Motor Driving School which trains and equips unemployed youth
– We also provide Computer Training, Welding training and Automobile Repair Training to young youth.
– We provide short term courses like, T.V., tape recorder, mixer, grinder repair, beauticians course, etc.


— We Provide Care

– We conduct Free General Health, Dental and Eye camps for poor people in their villages.
– We conduct special Camps for physically challenged and Specially-abled Children.
– We conduct Veterinary Camps for domestic cattle and large animals in villages.
– We conduct HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Woman and Child Care issue related awareness camps.


support us and change the course of another person’s life today!