“Love of God through love of neighbour” is the teaching of most Religions. The desire to serve others precisely comes from looking at the other person not as things and objects but as Paramatma sanidhya (God’s presence). God visit us in the person of the poor and the unwanted., and we are called to action.

Many in the world today are engaged with his/her own well being and welfare. They spend their lives lavishly in pursuit of their personal needs and ambitions, and later even realize that this lavish spending was vain and futile. .They do not consider their neighbours, especially when it concerns the poor and the under privileged.  The thought of helping the poor never comes to their mind, since they have not made themselves a being who is caring and sharing. Though we have completed many years of independence from foreign rule, yet poverty, unemployment and illiteracy has kept our nation captive. Responding to these realities, Carmel Jyothi Public Charitable Trust was established to reach out to the people in need.

Carmel Jyothi Public Charitable Trust is a non governmental organization, registered under the Charitable and Religious Trusts’ Act of 1920 on 10-02-2005 in Hoovinahadagali Taluk. Bellary Dt., Karnataka. India. It has also obtained the PAN No AAATC6985C. The sole purpose of this Trust is to serve the people on the peripheries, going beyond all the boundaries of religion, colour, caste, creed, culture and gender.

Carmel Jyothi NGO mainly focuses on education, self employment training and health care. In the last 14 years it has covered more than 400 villages, organizing various programmes for the needy.  We have units in three taluks of Karnataka, Huvinahadagali, Jagalur and Londa